About Me

A bubbly and outgoing girl that considers herself as having a split personality. That’s right, I am a #geminigirl folks. Not to be taken in a bad way, I like to see it as different perspectives; half of me has a creative and outgoing flare and the other half is business orientated. It is more than enjoyable being able to tap into both personalities and I think it needs to be embraced more often when discussing Geminis haha, some may say I am biased though…

You will find me at the beach most of the time, out in the surf or scuba diving, or even tanning on the sand. Not that I tan. More burning and peeling is involved than tanning to be quite frank. However, when I am not out enjoying the beautiful outdoors, I am in the office with my head in my computer, working on that laptop lifestyle I have created for myself as a Freelance Journalist specialising in Travel, Lifestyle and Real Estate.

Just to throw a spanner into the mix, I am also an actress and commercial model. Some would say I like to keep busy. Realistically, I just enjoy the spontaneous nature of the work, whilst acting out different personas rather than being one person your whole life. ‘Cos like, boring! 

Here is a snapshot of me:

  • 21 going on 40…or 50 (feels like it sometimes)
  • Burleigh Heads now local
  • Watersport Enthusiast and any adrenaline pumping activity
  • Entrepreneur/CEO of Blogs by Brea (pretty obvious)
  • Free Spirit…sometimes
  • Lover of Dogs. In particular my chihuahua named Chico
  • TV commercial actress and aspiring travel presenter
  • Real Estate obsessed (and qualified)
  • Aussie roots but Hawaiian heart

To learn more about me, follow this blog and enjoy the journey I am on. Both professionally and personally.

Feel free to click on the ‘Contact’ button in the menu and ask me any questions you may have, make blog suggestions or simply say something you want to say. I will reply to the best of my ability. Happy blogging!

– B