Treehouse Getaway!

Amongst an abundance of wildlife and hidden somewhere in 17 acres of tropical rainforest lies the Bodhi Treehouse in Coopers Shoot, Broken Head – the perfect Tropical getaway experience. I lay here in the comfort of my own tree top cabin and its 2am being the perfect time to snuggle up in the doona and listen to the night come to life; I can hear the sounds of the rainfall pouring down the mountains and the air is so crisp and clear up on the hilltops, it is so refreshing and calming. My eyes have adjusted to the darkness of the early hours of the morning and I can see from my balcony the wallabies playing in the yard ahead of me, enjoying the wet grass and coolness in the air. There is just something about being surrounded by pure nature and listening to the wet leaves from the palm trees sway in the subtle wind, the birds that sing and the mammals hopping around and crawling up trees, that give you a real sense of existence. Plain and simple, no wifi and very little reception, just you and all that you wish to take in. This is an experience to never be forgotten.

I organised my stay here on AirBNB a month ago, this place is usually booked out as it is in incredibly high demand and I was fortunate to score a Friday night here in isolation. Upon arrival I cried. This place exceeded my expectations. From driving through those double gates at the front of the entrance from the road and along the gravel all the way to the top of a hill. There are swings from the trees outlooking the mountains, a vegetable garden and fruit trees and lounge chairs in your own private haven. A jet spa bath under the house although undercover still out in the open space, meaning a nice steamy bath and a cold breath of fresh air, very unlike a regular bath inside an ordinary house where you just sweat it up! After an exhausting week of work, a fast paced day full of skydiving and adventuring the Byron hinterland I retreated to my cabin equipped with dimmable lighting and a book on Byron Trails to plan my treks in the forest for the next day. There was no shortage of comfort here with wonderful hosts ensuring I had everything I needed without even having met, they give you the privacy you want and the assistance you need at your request.

I will be returning very soon I think – this might just become a traditional stay for me – when the months of hard work in and out of the office becomes too much for me and I need to regain balance in my life, I will be sure to visit my now favourite place to stay. Thank you to the wonderful owners for providing me with the most peaceful and fulfilling night, I will be back.

Welcome to the Treehouse…

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