Sydney…I mean Bondi…I mean Sydney

One of the best places to live in Australia; Sydney. With it’s natural beauty, historical landmarks and cultural diversity this city is undoubtedly one of the most iconic…and the most expensive!

My first visit to Sydney – Thanks to Tiger Air for $60 return flights – was in May 2017 and the most obvious suburb that I needed to check out was Bondi Beach. I was on a bit of a budget so I needed to seek out the cheapest accomodation that was central to Bondi’s restaurants, cafes, the well known Ice Bergs and of course Bondi Beach (Make note: No the Bondi rescue boys were not there – Sad face).

I jumped onto and searched for hotels/hostels in Bondi, ensuring that I selected the drop down ‘Display lowest price first’ because hey money doesn’t grow on trees? Now, usually the cheapest stays are quite dirty, unhygienic and with no security but I found one that was quite reasonable. I booked with Noahs Bondi Beach for 3 days at $54 and was pleasantly surprised by the community of ‘backpackers’ that I met while on my stay. The room was in a 6 bed female dormitory with lockers and it got cleaned every morning, plus great company with solo travellers from all over the world with cool stories readily available to be shared around.

I highly recommend those that travel solo, if similar to myself and enjoy venturing about and exploring your surroundings, that you stay somewhere affordable allowing more money to spend on other activities! You only need accomodation to sleep in, store your luggage and shower – recharge for the next days adventures. I could not at this point in my very broke life (-$) justify in spending big dollaroos on the finest hotel when I was not intending on even being present in the hotel for longer than a 4-6 hour snooze.

Moving forward to the places I visited; including a number of restaurants and bars. First stop was more of a walk, the Bondi to Bronte walk, which I would recommend to any traveller as the ocean views are just incredible. If you are a bit of a fitness junky and need to get in more of a workout go for a swim after at Icebergs pool costing only $7 for the day to swim inclusive of Sauna access. And for those more foodie like than fitness like, enjoy a feast at Icebergs dining whilst observing Bondi Beach in all it’s glory from the floor to ceiling large windows taking in all of Bondi. The menu isn’t too broad ranged and although Icebergs is depicted very classy and expensive, the food is reasonably priced in comparison to other 5-star venues on offer.

The party animals or the ones wanting a cold bevy after surfing in Sydneys 40 degree heat Summer days, this ones for you. The Bucket List. Expansive views of Bondi Beach, groovy interior and overall a funky vibe full of interesting patrons, it is definitely worth having a look. Grab a few friends and/or randoms in my case, for a cold beer (or 2) or an aperol spritz if that is more your scene, and enjoy the scenery as the sun sets over Bondi Beach after yet another glorious Australian summer day.

One of my favourite places I visited in Sydney would have to be Gordon’s Bay. I read a blog a couple of years ago that said this beach was a ‘hidden gem’ and by golly – I am pretty sure half of Sydney’s population found it! It was so busy that I could not find a solid bit of sand or rock to plant my ass on. I managed to meet a group of friends and I was able to leave all my valuables with theirs while we all went swimming in the crystal clear waters of the bay. Even though it was extremely populated – it had nothing on how crazy Coogee beach was that day – and it was still a nice slice of the outdoors compared to the tourism going on smack bang in Bondi.

There you have a quick idea of Sydney – Bondi Beach – from a solo Aussie traveller short on time and funds, making the most of what is on offer. I hope this helps anyone wanting to take a weekend off from their busy office life to just search for different and unique places, maybe meet some friends for life and enjoy the fast paced yet still very relaxing lifestyle that Sydney can offer you! I will be back Sydney – don’t wait up.

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